Here at Glow HQ, like most Singaporeans, we’re busy. We work hard and play even harder. That’s why were militant about getting a good night’s sleep. And this is how we do it…

No matter how many zzzs you need to catch, here are some great habits for good sleep.

Firstly, something we all know we need to do, but so many of us don’t – put your phone away. Artificial light messes with our circadian rhythms and makes US think ifs still daytime.

Do that last scroll, email check, or whatever it is you need to do. Then put it down and step away! Same goes with watching your favourite show. Watch rt early then turn off your screen.

Leave your job at the office. Make a to-do list for tomorrow to stop work thoughts going round your head at 3am.

Use the last hour before bed to get ready for the next day. Tidy up your space and pack a bag for the morning.

Baths are a great way to unwind. Use calming scents like lavender to prepare your mind for sleep. Light a candle, too, for some full-on pamper time.

Work on a skincare routine if you don’t already have one Whether you’re a splash of water kind of person, or you have 10 pots of moisturiser going at the same time, taking care of your skin buys you extra you time’ and helps to give you that all-important glow come morning.

Now set your alarm, climb into bed, and turn off the lights.

If you’re strict with yourself these habits will soon pay off. You’ll be sleeping like a log every night!

Obviously this all goes out of the window with a party. But that’s the whole point Get your beauty sleep while you can. Then you’ll have bags to spare when it’s time to dance the night away!

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