Intentions are your positive goals for the year ahead. They are not breakable like resolutions but flexible and moveable to work in real life.

Here are our top tips to make some positive intentions to make 2019 your most amazing year yet.


Look back on the previous year and what went well for you

Take your time, take January to figure out what you want to achieve this year

Keep it short, write in bullet points

What does your Big Picture look like? What do you want from life?

Look at different important areas of your life

e.g. work, home, family, friends and make a few goals in each area

How do you want to feel at the end of 2019?


Review monthly

Set mini goals each month

Keep it written down in a specific book

Refer to it often

Add these to your actual diary if you use one

This is not all about self improvement but life improvement – don’t forget to add some fun

Make a commitment to have fun and bye your best life this year book your ticket for AIA Glow Festival on May 25th and use the festival as the deadline to set your fitness goals now…

Whether you want to perfect that yoga pose you’ve been dying to nail or get your PB 5k time, set your goal and aim high. You can do this.

Join us on Sentosa Island in May and celebrate hitting your goals, finish the run in record time, show off your best yoga posture then party the night away.

You will leave the festival energised and ready to hit the second half of the year glowing!

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