Akin Akman

Akin Akman, AARMY’s Co-Founder and Chief Fitness Officer, is widely considered the world’s #1 Cycle Coach and one of the most successful Group Fitness Coaches globally. Akin officially launched AARMY in 2019 to create a next level coaching experience both physically and mentally in a digitally focused complete lifestyle brand.

He began his fitness career at 7 as a tennis prodigy at the elite IMG Sports Academy in Florida. Training under legendary Hall of Fame Coach Nick Bollettieri, Akman was on the path for a career as a Pro Tennis player when injuries sidelined him at age 17. Bollettieri pushed Akman to reinvent himself as a Coach and the rest is now history. Akman now has a worldwide following of devoted athletes that he inspires to bring out their inner athlete on a daily basis.

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