JM De Gollo

JM De Gollo is a dedicated fitness instructor at R10T. Besides leading group HIIT workouts and strength training, she’s also the Head of R1DE. Drawing on her background in modelling and fitness, JM holds steadfast in her commitment to excellence in personal fitness and continuous self-improvement.

Her fitness journey began in 2014, a path marked by a thirst for new challenges. JM explored various disciplines from Pilates to yoga, constantly seeking new ways to move and thrive. She also enjoys outdoor activities like road bike cycling, stand-up paddle boarding, and swimming, immersing herself in diverse sports and fitness routines to broaden her horizons.

Beyond her contributions at R10T, JM is also an entrepreneur. Her partnership with her spouse, a professional fitness trainer, enriches each other’s expertise, propelling their growth and evolution. Together, they are dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles.

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