San Lai

“Although hot yoga was the first yoga teacher training San Lai took in 2006, her relationship with yoga went back to year 2000. Then, she was volunteering at a safe house in Canada for sexually assaulted women and came across the practice of Pranayama and Meditation for self-healing. She was extremely fascinated by how breathing and sitting in silence can work as a major healing therapy.
San feels that her Dharma is to spread the wisdom of Yoga. She has taught yoga and owns yoga studios in Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia and also hosted yoga retreats in many neighbouring countries. She has also led yoga teacher trainings. Currently she is moving away from asana practice to focus on pranayama, meditation and sound therapy. Supporting females wellness through yoga is right on her path too.
San’s teachings focus on connecting one’s mind, body and breath. In her classes, expect to experience Yoga from a fun perspective with a lovely personal touch.
When she is off the mat, San is a devoted mother who spends most of her time playing, laughing and studying with her 2 younger kids. Her spare time is also spent with her older daughter, who is also a yoga teacher.”

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