AIA Glow Festival is thrilled to be partnering with Pure Yoga. Together, we created 6 different zones, offering more than 20 different styles of yoga. Specialised yoga, Grounding and Strengthening, Dynamic flow, Healing and Meditation, Masterclasses and Family yoga.



Pure Yoga believe in the power of yoga to help people lead happier, healthier and more balanced lives. With a community of dedicated and passionate teachers across Asia and North America, Pure Yoga offers exceptional teaching, facilities and environment that inspires people of all ages and abilities to make yoga part of their lives.


At AIA Glow Festival, we also believe that yoga is for everyone and we love that Pure Yoga is bringing yoga to people of all ages and abilities.


Whatever your level of experience, whether you are brand new to yoga and looking to grow your confidence or whether you are super flexible and looking to elevate your practise to a whole new level of amazing, we will have a class for you at AIA Glow Festival.



Each zone will have a slightly different goal in mind, and lots of different classes to choose from but they will all give you an inner Glow that will stay with you for the whole day and night.


We will be going into each of these zones in more detail very soon so make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list to receive the news as it’s released so you can take your pick for the best yoga experience.


Buy your ticket.

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