We love our city and we love running. Its easy, anyone can start and you don’t need anything more than a pair of trainers and 30 minutes of your time. However running in a city can be tough especially one as busy as Singapore. We have recommended lots of green places to run in a previous article (link) but for some that will require extra time.

This guide is for when you just want run, straight from your office or condo and you don’t have time to get to a destination.

1.Avoid the busiest roads. Traffic and pollution is not going to help you breathe! Plus its dangerous.

2.Be visible. Get yourself some reflective, high visibility running gear and wear it always.

3.Plan your route in advance. Know where you are going.

4.Listen, Turn your music down no you can hear what’s happening around you, or even better run without.

5.Don’t run at rush hour. Its not lust traffic that gets busy, the pavements do too. You don’t want to be dodging commuters.

6.Make sure your trainers can stand the concrete, if you normally run in the gym or on grass they might not be supportive enough.

7.Be aware of your surroundings, not lust the stuff already mentioned you need to look down too. Singapore streets are pretty tidy and together but you don’t want to trip on a kerb or run into someone.

8.Don’t try for a PB. Just run, enjoy it and don’t get worked up about how fast you are. Stop signs and crossing need to be obeyed so you will have to stop once in a while.

9.Run with a friend. Its immediately safer and more fun.

10. Be safe, make sure you have your phone, a few dollars and your ID.

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