Wellness and looking after yourself is no longer a niche interest. It is everywhere and everyone has their own way of doing it. The wider picture is that people are no longer interested in fads or quick fixes (that don’t work long term), they want to feel good always and be better versions of themselves.

This can only be a good thing.

Here are the wellness trends we love, here is how to fit them into your life now and keep them there going forward.


One of the biggest trends is to workout at home. Whether that is a yoga session or a more intense session, equipment free workout videos and apps are making it easier than ever to skip the gym.

What we will say is yoga at home is never a substitute for being in a class with a qualified teacher but it does mean that on those days when you just can’t reach a class instead of skipping you can download an app or find a video and get it done. Such good news for the busy bees among us.


As people continue to love running and take it more seriously new gadgets will be there to help recovery. Salt baths and foam rollers can only take it so far.

We predict we will start to see existing studios and gyms incorporate recovery solutions into their offerings.

Not just with sports massage but with all kinds of treatments for improving mental and physical performance and recovery.


As for as well partying goes, more and more people are doing it sober. Go to any decent bar and they will be able to knock you up a delicious mocktail that makes not drinking that little bit more tempting. If you want to go out but cannot or do not want to drink for any reason gone are the days when this might feel intimidating. More people are doing it and there are options to keep you hydrated and not drinking sugary cola all night long.


As always food trends move fast but the ones we believe are here to stay are the ones that fit with how people are living now, and our generation are leading the way. Think more sustainable changes over fad diets.

Low fat diets and counting calories are losing traction against more intelligent ways of tracking what we eat. Calorie counting leaves no room for examination of the quality of nutrition. Well see a rise in eating more ‘good for you’ fats. Making sure what you eat is nutritionally wonderful over low fat and low calorie. Diets such as the Paleo, Keto and whole30, look at what we eat and how it can affect everything about you not just about weight loss. Meaning there is no denial for you now, you can eat whatever you want, just not whenever you want making room for all the fun.


We know these are big news, we have many fitness festivals in Singapore – but AIA Glow Festival is different. We have created a new and fresh experience that combined the best of health and wellness with a run, yoga and feasting but also celebrates great music.

We believe you can party, be wild and still five well we believe that the two things are not mutually exclusive.

Why do you have to feel terrible after a party? Truth is you don’t, not any more.

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