The Dynamic Flow Zone

AIA Glow Festival is thrilled to be partnering with Pure Yoga to offer 6 different yoga zones: Specialised yoga, Grounding and Strengthening, Dynamic flow, Healing and Meditation, Masterclasses and Family yoga.

Each zone will have a different goal in mind, and several different classes to choose from but they will all give you an inner Glow that will stay with you for the whole day and night.

The Dynamic Flow zone is perfect for students who are looking for an energetic practise to increase strength and stamina. Glasses in this zone are fast-paced, syncing the transition from one pose to another with the breath.

The first class for this zone N Rocket Yoga and this follows the style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz, which is rooted in the first and second series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Rocket Yoga is an intense physical practice that works with the nervous system, build strength in both body and mind, and creates a transformative experience that make practitioners feel more alive.

The next class is a Vinyasa session for standing balance- key elements of balancing are strength, alignment and attention. Standing on one leg can help you draw your awareness inwards and help you strengthen your lower body and core. This fun class will challenge your body and mind while at the same time leave you feeling energised yet calm.

Then we have Universal Yoga which combines the practice of Vinyasa with pranayama, visualisation, mantra, mudra and meditation. These elements are carefully sequenced in a symmetrical and progressive manner, making students feel a strong sense of balance and serenity at the end of each class.

Next up is Forrest Yoga which is an inspiring, grounding and healing yoga practice that through intelligent sequencing, builds flexibility, strength and integrity. The practice is an intensely physical and internally focused practice that N guided by the use of breath and core exercises, encouraging you to find a deeper connection with your physical and emotional body.

Next up is Jivamukti yoga. Which is a physically vigorous and intellectually stimulating practice that combines chanting, asanas, pranayama, music, meditation, and devotional study through simple scriptural readings.

And finally we have two more Vinyasa classes, the first for twists Pure Yoga says:

Everything in yoga revolves around the spine. Strong spine – happy healthy life. It’s critical to the health of the spine to move it every day in 6 primary directions: back/forward/sides/twists. These 6 movements elongate the spine, encourage elasticity of the spinal column and provide a lot of other benefits.

Then we will have Vinyasa for backbends. Backbends have an energising effect on the body-stretching the front part of the body also teaches us to be a little more open. Join in this Vinyasa themed backbend class to enjoy an optimal feeling of depth and upliftment.

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